MARSIPEL is a member of the Leather Working Group.



In this days we are facing an increasingly strong competitiveness, a quickly technological evolution and great demands from the markets, so we compromise to accomplish the requires and improving the efficiency of the Quality and Environment Management System.

Our mission is to be a reference in the leather industry, understanding that the respect for the Environment, the Quality and Innovation are the keys of success, and and this is a commitment that we assume towards our customers and with society.

We worry about the environmental impact associated with our process, activities ans services, so we want to continue doing this in a sustainable way, reconciling the growing needs and consolidation in the national and international markets, having always in mind the need to protect the environment.

MARSIPEL are conscious of this needs, so we have as primordial goals:

  • The launching of products in the markets that satisfy our clients, in quality, prizes and delivery deadlines.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of their work. This responsability apply to every hierarquy level so we, together, can accomplish the strategic goals of the company.
  • The operative legislation and environmental standards, or other requirements that the company subscribes are apllied to the activities, products and services.
  • The bet in the innovation and technological development so we can develop new products and new processes with environmental concerns.

All those efforts are embodied by:

  • The establishment of a narrow cooperation with our suppliers, so we can improve our skills and grow together.
  • Develop privileged relations with our customers, maintaining a strong union spirit in the resolution of problems and common causes, to strenght the the bonds, creating mutual trust, which will lead to a joint growth and a permanent improvement of our product's quality.
  • The preservation of the environment is one of the main priorities of MARSIPEL, therefore the establishment of goals and targets (which need to be reviwed periodically) should aim the prevention, reduction and pollution control, preserving the natural resources.
  • Promote actions with the goal of a continuous improvement in the environmental performance and pollution prevention, counting on the commitment of all our employeed, as well as those who work in partnership with us.
  • Awareness of our employees for the environmental implications associated with their job, so that they can exercise the best environmental practices

The Quality and Environmental Policy is largely published so that should be considered by all of our employees, but it's available to all interested parts.